Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Flyin' V is just about gone!

Other than when I lie down at night and now and then, here and there during the day The Flyin' V appears to be departing from my life. Yeeeeeehaw! I sure hope so. That was one of the most miserable experiences of my life. It was depressing, scary, and just downright wrong. Hopefully it's almost over.

My blood sugar has been good and the blood pressure is running right around normal or slightly lower. Whew! All in all, I feel better but am trying to work up to walking more in an effort to help both of those issues and lose some more weight.

I miss cooking and blogging but I hope to be back real soon, probably this weekend. Sit tight, folks. Don't give up on me yet. :)

1 comment:

Laurie said...

I'm so happy that the flying V is taking its leave!

I've missed your posts!