Thursday, April 23, 2009

Me and The Flyin' V

"The Flyin' V" is what I call my new and constant companion, Vertigo. I detest it. I wouldn't wish it on another person, even my worst enemy. But today, Thursday, makes one week that the V and I have been together. I suppose today is an anniversary of sorts. Ha!

I went to the Dr. yesterday and my blood pressure was way too high so I'm on BP and cholesterol medications. She informed me that the Meclizine should help the V but I haven't been taking enough. I chewed four pills today but no improvement yet. However, my eyes do have this lovely gritty feel to them and I have no energy at all. Hopefully the Meclizine will help at some point.

The Dr. didn't seem to think there was a connection between the blood pressure and the V but some things I've read on the web make me wonder if there is. I hope there is and I hope the medication will lower the BP enough to help the V. We'll see.

Honestly, if this doesn't improve a lot and very quickly I can't see any way I can keep my job. I can't drive and although I have short periods where the V seems manageable, its definitely affecting my performance at work.

At any rate, I'm still around but not cooking much as its hard to cook when one can barely stand and I haven't felt like doing much.

Thanks for the emails asking how I am. Now you know. :) And if you're a long time sufferer of Vertigo, you have my utmost respect and deepest sympathy at the same time.


Laurie said...

Oh dear! I've been wondering about how you're doing! I'm hoping the meds get things under control for you, so you can keep your job and start cooking again.

Anonymous said...

do you ever have a headache when
you have the vertigo.....I have the same problem...i was a told the vertigo is really a migraine
with or without a headache....or it could be a inner ear problem..
you need to see a ENT doctor......
look up on the internet migraines. vertigo and inner ear problems..i could not believe it, when i was told i was having migraines...i hope you feel better soon ......

CookinsForMe said...

Anonymous, I don't normally get headaches with the vertigo though a few days ago I did have a headache a couple of times. Honestly, I think in my situation that the vertigo causes the headache rather than the other way around. I've researched this til my eyes are about ready to pop out. The V has improved some the last few days but if it doesn't improve more or go away I do plan to see an ENT. Thanks for your input. :)

GrammyGoo said...

Hugs and Prayers dear. I am glad there has been in improvement.
Blessings, GG