Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vertigo! The symptom, not the movie

I woke up at 4:30 this morning lying on my stomach, my favorite position. Something startled me and I pushed myself up with my arms, immediately felt like I was spinning, and fell onto my left side. For a few seconds I thought my blood sugar was too low but I wasn't sweating, my heart wasn't pounding, and my hands weren't shaking. The sensation didn't leave so I scooted to the foot of the bed and managed to get myself into the front room where my glucometer was. I checked the blood sugar and it was okay at 113. The spinning feeling didn't leave but I was able to make the man's breakfast and accomplish most of my morning routine. I googled the symptoms and it sure sounds like Vertigo to me.

I knew I couldn't drive to work so the man took me in. Five hours later he picked me up because I simply couldn't function well. Every time I looked down at the floor, counter, or sink I felt like I was in a vortex and was about to drown. I even tripped a couple of times on floor mats. Bending over to wipe something off the floor caused nausea and moving quickly, a requirement in my job, caused the sensations to worsen. I bought some Dramamine, both regular and "less drowsiness formula" and took one before we were out of the store parking lot. Ehem..."less drowsiness formula" my spinning rear! Within an hour I was snoring and three hours later the man person woke me up because he knew if I slept more I'd be up all night. I might be up all night as it is. The spinning and listing feelings are somewhat better but still present. I'd call them manageable, though. However, it's been 15 hours since I woke up feeling this way...
And yeah, it feels something like this, a feeling of falling, sliding, tripping, etc...

So, what's the cause of this? I haven't a clue. And the solution? No clue there, either. I do know that this needs to go away and fast. I have to work tomorrow and though I'm off this weekend my sister is coming to visit and I really don't want to be dealing with feeling like I'm falling over while she's here. She probably would be okay with it but let's face it, the weekend will be more fun without me afraid to move!

If you know anything about Vertigo, please do comment on this entry. This day's been a trip....literally. ;)


Laurie said...

I have a girlfriend that has vertigo. I called her and she suggested that you should see your doctor.

They can prescribe medication, but it will make you very drowsy, and she never thought it was worth taking due to the side effects.

My girlfriend doesn't have a severe case of it, although at times, it rears its ugly head. She also has MS, so it compounds the situation. When you're already unsteady on your feet, it makes it worse to feel dizzy.

She said in the past, she has taken Tylenol Cold Medicine and it has helped to make her symptoms manageable.

The cold medicine seems to work for her as she has determined that her vertigo is more intense during allergy season.....the inner ear thing.

Sorry that I wrote a book.

Hope this helps, Denise!

I'm praying that you recover soon, so you can enjoy your sister's visit.

CookinsForMe said...

Laurie, I have an appt with a new doctor next wednesday and will make sure to bring this up, if I don't see one before that. I woke up this morning with it again but it isn't as bad. However, this is really out of hand and I need it to just go away so I can work without concern and such. I really appreciate the help! :)

Anonymous said...

I get this all the time, though it doesn't last all day. When it did last all day, I was sick with other stuff. The doctor looked at me (I thought I had the flu) and she told me I had massive ear infections in both ears. Neither of my ears were hurting. So she asked if I had been dizzy and I had been.

Hope it gets better for you.

CookinsForMe said...

I feel just fine other than the vertigo. I'm off this weekend and hope it doesn't get too bad but if it does at least I won't be at work. I feel just fine - no aches or pains, nothing else going on, just this. Ugh!
Motherhen, I hope its something simple like that. :)