Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday lunch is so simple yet good

This is just a quickie post about our lunch today. My other half likes okra and tomatoes so I made him some with okra from the garden.

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Speaking of the garden, this is what we got from it today. Considering all the rain and the fact that most of the plants have just flooded to death, I'm happy for this!

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To make the okra and tomatoes I just dumped a drained can of whole tomatoes, five sliced fresh and tender okra pods, garlic powder, salt, and pepper into a sauce pan, covered it, and let it cook on a very low flame for about an hour. I stirred it now and then to make sure there wasn't any sticking to the pan but other than that, I pretty much ignored it.

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So our lunch was very good, thrifty, and simple. We had pan fried turkey smoked sausage, baked new potato with a little butter, salt and pepper, sliced tomato and okra and tomato.

I like simple and easy meals like this, especially in the heat of the summer.

What's your favorite hot weather meal?


Green Tea & Kimchee said...

Corn on the cob, sliced fresh tomatoes, fresh lima beans and watermelon.

Michelle Cruz said...

We like either Saturday night left overs or I like pasta shells with mayo, tuna and peas all mixed together and eaten cold.Oh I forgot the eggs. Hard boiled eggs. My mom use to make this when I was a kid when it was hot.~yankeegal

CookinsForMe said...

Oh, the corn on the cob, tomatoes, and limas sounds excellent to me! Hey, is it hard to find limas in Japan?

Michelle, I do love pasta and that sounds really good. I also love breakfast for a quick supper. Mmmm!

Green Tea & Kimchee said...

I find limas at the base in the freezer. They have a lot of italian type flat beans in the markets right now. Japane is definately into seasonal fruits and veggies.

Bobbisox said...

I love mhy homegrown tomatoes with minced basils, we grow several varieties and I like to mix them, and minced fresh rosemary,layered with mozzerella cheese and sprinkled with balsamic vinagar and salt and pepper. That and the cold salads and gazpachos, to use the stuff growing in the gardens. OH! and homemade tacos and burgers to take advantage of the amazing taste of the homegrown tomatoes; I don't like to have them with storeboughts.