Monday, July 23, 2007

YOYO night at our house

Tonight is YOYO night at our house. The 16 year old just ate a slab o' beef (leftover beef roast & vegetables from the other night) and my other half had a tomato sandwich. I'm not hungry yet but when I am I'll more than likely scramble a couple of eggs with some red pepper and eat that with a slice of toast. We also have some leftover Chicken Santa Fe so if I don't want eggs, I'll have that with sliced tomato and cucumber.

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I ended up eating red pepper, onion and a small new potato sauted in heart healthy margarine (yes, I like them almost burned!) and spiced with a bit of pepper, garlic powder, and some crushed red pepper and an egg fried in the same margarine. I had this with a glass of milk and it was fantastic.

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