Saturday, February 20, 2010

Zucchini and Red Pepper "Fries"

I had a craving today for french fries and decided to have some much healthier zucchini and red bell pepper instead of giving in to the fry temptation. Oh my, they were good and even if you aren't diabetic or worried about the carbs in your food, you really should give these a try.

Here's the very simple recipe, inspired by the amazingly, incredibly, awesome smashfries (can you tell I like them?) at SmashBurger.

Red bell pepper, cut into strips
Zucchini, cut into strips
Rosemary (I use dried whole leaf from my mother's yard)
Olive oil

Heat olive oil in skillet or wok. Toss vegetables with seasonings and stir fry to preferred tenderness. I like mine a little crunchy so it took just a few minutes to go from wok to plate.

Of course, you can use other vegetables and cut them any way you want but I like this combination.
Stir fried zucchini and red bell pepper
Are they as good as Smashburger fries? Ehhh, we're not comparing apples to apples so that's hard to say. However, these make a fantastic snack or side dish and they're certainly much lower in carbs than the Smashbloodsugarspike.



Laurie said...

The recipe you were looking for on my blog is in the comments section to the Quickie Meals post. Just thought I'd let you know, as you might not find it otherwise:)

CookinsForMe said...

Thanks, Laurie! I appreciate you letting me know.