Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mock Crab Cakes - Mmmm with a capital M!

I wanted to make something different for dinner tonight. Never mind that I broiled a three pound beef roast today or that we have leftover chicken and leftover chili in the fridge. Never mind that 'something different' wasn't on my menu plan for this week. I don't feel too good and very little appealed to me but I knew I wanted something different.

While perusing blogs this afternoon, I found a recipe for Mock Crab Cakes by Shannon at Margarita Stewart and knew that those were my 'something different'. I lacked two ingredients so although I was tired and just feeling puny I went to the grocery and bought them, along with the other things I needed. And I prepared the Mock Crab Cakes.

Let me say that I take a little bit of exception to Shannon's comment of "There is no crab in this, it tastes like it". Neither I nor the man person thought the patties tasted much like crab but don't let that deter you because these babies rock! To be very fair, the recipe didn't say whether the zucchini should be peeled so I didn't peel it. Also, I cut the ingredients in half and sometimes that makes a difference in taste.

I do detect a very slight seafood taste that I think is given mainly by the Old Bay seasoning which I associate with seafood and you might think they're 'crabbier' than we do so let your tongue and taste buds be your guide. Regardless of how crabby tasting they are or aren't, these patties don't disappoint in any way and will be on our menu now and then. The man person liked them so much that when I gave him a bite to taste test while the bulk of the cakes were cooking, his response was, "Do you have a bunch of that stuff made up?" Ehhh, that means he really likes it! And I'm adding this recipe to my February Recipes to Try, even though I still have one from January I haven't tried yet. Okay, so adding one I just found and tried today is kinda cheating but hey, it's my blog. ;)

Mock Crab Cakes

Shannon, thank you for sharing this treat with the world!


Shannon Marie said...

Thanks so much for the pic. I don't think I ever took a pic of mine..we ate them before I thought to snap any! Looks delish..glad you enjoyed them!

Shannon Marie said...

Man person lol.! Love your blog!

CookinsForMe said...

Well, the picture isn't the greatest. I have 'photography' issues. lol But it's decent, at least.

So, do you peel the zucchini?