Friday, January 22, 2010

Vacation plans a little derailed!

On the Friday before I was to board Amtrak for my trip to Austin, Rod told me he'd been having chest pains since Thursday. He'd put off telling me because he thought the pain would pass and he didn't want to interfere with my trip. Well, by Saturday afternoon we were at the ER and he was admitted. His cardiac interventionist wasn't on duty so a hospital physician admitted him and he basically sat in a room until Monday morning when his physician showed up and decided to do a heart cath. The cath was done and the surgeon found that the non-medicated stents that were placed in November were 95% clogged. He placed two medicated stents inside the two non-medicated stents, Rod left the hospital Wednesday morning, and I left for Austin Thursday morning.

Rather than take Amtrak, which is a 10 hour ride down and a little over 8 hours back, I drove. The trip was uneventful and I've enjoyed my stay in Austin so far.  I have to head back home Sunday morning since I have to be at work Monday but at least I get to spend a couple of days with my sons. Rod seems to feel fine and he's watching his diet. Better than that, though, he  hasn't had a smoke since Saturday! Needless to say, I'm going to quit, too.

Wish us well in that! More to come later from Austin.

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GrammyGoo said...

Glad to hear Rod is doing better, prayers for safe travel home.
Hugs, GG