Monday, January 25, 2010

January 24th - 30th Menu

I got back from Austin about 2 PM yesterday. Boy, is it good to be back! I have a few pictures to share, a couple are even of food, and I'll try to get those posted later today or tomorrow but for now my priority is sharing our menu for the coming week. It's very hard to low carb when on vacation so although I did some, I didn't do enough and absolutely must get back on track so adequate planning for the coming week is vital. Of course, I also have to consider the man person's diet, which is now low fat, low sodium, and lower carb. Arrgh, what am I supposed to feed him, grass and water? Apparently, his diet should be akin to that. Uh huh, like that's gonna happen!

Anyway, last night we had baked cross cut beef ribs with a tiny red potato each and steamed broccoli. It was tasty but the ribs were too fatty. The price for them was very good, though, and eating them as a treat once in awhile is okay, I think.

Tonight's dinner will be Stir Fry, made with low carb vegetables and just a little meat. The man person will probably have his over a long grain and wild rice mix and I'll have mine over a little bit of Dreamfields macaroni.

Here's the rest of this week's menu, in no particular order:

Vegetable Beef soup, made with the emphasis on lower carb vegetables and a small amount of meat, served with Carbquick cheese biscuits

Roast chicken with carrots, onion, mushroom, and potato

Vegetable and Pasta Casserole using a leftover Carbquick biscuit for the bread crumbs

Chicken salad lettuce rolls made with leftover roasted chicken and served with steamed green beans

Chicken fajitas, made with leftover chicken, plenty of onion, and a little bit of cheese

And that's it for this week's dinners. They're all fairly low in carbs, fat and sodium, but high in taste and value. For more menu ideas, make sure you check out Menu Plan Monday, hosted by Laura at

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