Sunday, June 28, 2009

The trouble with low carb eating...

is boredom!

My sister was here from Dallas this weekend and we had a nice time. She went to the gym with us Friday and though she has cracked ribs from a recent auto accident, she walked the indoor track with me and did a little time on a treadmill. Yaaay, Connie!

She and I both have been struggling with our nutrition. Because we're Type 2 diabetics and overweight we need to lose weight and we absolutely must keep the blood glucose in line. For both of us, carbs are the main culprit in blood sugar spikes. Although protein and fat are important factors, carbs have a quicker and sharper impact on the blood sugar so for the most part we really limit carbs. But a life with strictly limited carbs, both simple and complex, quickly becomes boring and staying with the program gets harder and harder. Connie and I both keep hitting the carb wall and then we go on a binge eating things we absolutely shouldn't. And we know we shouldn't. But how to stop?

That's the question. Yes, it's a matter of self control and discipline but it's also a matter of simply getting bored with chicken, fish, and low carb vegetables and finally losing it. It's horrible and we both know we have 'food issues' but we haven't figured out just how to deal with them. We just kind of muddle along as best we can, trying to keep the carb count down and praying the next day doesn't become a binge day. But really, it's next to impossible to eat very low carb all day, every day. There has to be a better way, right?

Connie recently purchased the Food Lovers Fat Loss System so she brought it with her and we read over the books, talked about the program, and tried it for a couple of days but the high blood sugar readings, lethargy, and general blah feeling we both experienced made it clear that this plan won't work for us. So, it's back to low carb we go.

Although I've known for years that regular exercise helps my blood sugar I just recently joined a gym and can tell a difference already. I feel better after the workout, I'm sleeping better, and a good one hour workout lowers my BG quite a bit. Now, don't think I like exercise. I'm truly a slug, dear readers. However, I do enjoy the improved mood and increase in energy I have after a workout and I really enjoy the reward of lowered blood sugar and if exercise will get me those then exercise is what I'll do. I also hope the exercise increases my insulin sensitivity.

But even if I go to the gym every day, I see no way I'll be able to eat a "normal" diet. Here's an example of why. After the work out this morning, my blood sugar was 109, down from the pre-workout of 180. Great! An hour later it was 82. I ate a measured and weighed lunch of two ounces of chicken fried steak with two teaspoons of gravy, two Tablespoons of mashed potatoes, and one small steamed broccoli spear. I drank water and two hours later the blood sugar was 217. What??? A 135 point difference from that small amount of food? Yep and it's disgusting and depressing. Numbers like that make me want to just say to hell with it and enjoy my food even if it means I have a shorter life. I don't feel that way all the time but I do feel that way occasionally.

I won't give up, though. I've been in this battle almost ten years and I'm not ready to declare Diabetes the winner. I might have to eat very low carb unless I go to the gym afterwards and work it off. And it might be that as I lose weight I can handle more carbs. I don't know. I do know that I can't live on strict low carb for the rest of my life but I can't handle ridiculously high blood sugar readings, either. There must be some kind of compromise and I have to find it.

Can you tell I'm frustrated?

If you have suggestions, encouragement or thoughts on this, please share with me.

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Laurie said...

Certainly does sound frustrating. I've been trying to cut back the carbs, but it is so hard.

You're so on top of this thing, D, that I know you will be successful! Sounds like it's a matter of trial and error. Keep on chuggin' along, I know you'll find a happy medium!