Monday, June 29, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

Since our weekend experiment in modified low carb didn't work out too well, it's back to not-so-modified low carb for us. Connie left four of her low carb cookbooks with me and took two of mine. We're going to look through them for recipes to help spice up our diets and hopefully ease the boredom issue. She also brought some leftovers with her so we'll eat those first and I'll cook when the spare food is gone.

In the cooking arena of my life, I have a goal to try two new recipes a week, at least one of them low carb and the other must either be low carb or easily adaptable to low carb.

We're going to the gym daily and went twice yesterday. The exercise definitely affects the blood sugar but right now I see no pattern or consistency so it's still something of a crap shoot. You can read more about our lives with diabetes in all its glory at the Diabetes blog Connie and I have.

So, here's our menu for the week, in no particular order except for last night's dinner, which is listed first:

Grilled salmon on a very small bed of dirty rice served with green beans and spinach (I've asked Connie to post the recipes for the salmon and rice on the diabetes blog as they're both absolutely fantastic!)

Beef Stroganoff, tossed salad, broccoli, and brussels sprouts

Stir fried chicken and vegetables served with steamed spinach parmesan

Bigass salad

Beef, cheese and jalapeno sausages served with a small pasta salad made of Dreamfields pasta, fresh vegetables and a light dressing

Night out

YOYO night when we eat all the leftovers from the week

I'm really trying to keep our diet from being so dull and predictable but it isn't easy.

Again, thank you to Laura for hosting Menu Plan Monday. It really does benefit my little family and I appreciate the opportunity to participate. If you haven't participated, why not? It isn't hard and it will save you time, money, and stress! So hop to it. ;)

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rachel @ springpad said...

Stir fry's a big favorite in my house, and yours sounds delicious! You should check out springpad's weekly meal planner, it's a great way to organize all of your menus and recipes (like this one, yum! and I think you'd really like it.