Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday stuff or where do low carb & low cholesterol meet? Or do they?

Well, our nutritional and exercise lives just got harder. The man found out yesterday his cholesterol is "through the roof" but he didn't get the exact number. He sees the Dr tomorrow and I'm sure he'll learn more then. In the meantime, what to feed someone who is a Type 2 diabetic maxed out on Glucophage and needs to control carbs but who also needs to watch fat and cholesterol intake?

The typical lower fat, lower cholesterol foods are likely to spike his blood sugar. Oatmeal, one of the major players in the cholesterol lowering food lineup spikes him and gives him major heartburn. He's willing to try organic oats to see if perhaps there's something used in the processing of the others that causes the heartburn but that doesn't help with the spike in blood sugar it causes. We have the same basic issues with bread, legumes, fruit and some vegetables. They either cause major heartburn, spike the blood sugar, or both.

Last night's dinner was the last of the leftover salmon, green beans, and mixed greens.

Today's lunch was salad, a little blackened fish, and a small amount of peas and carrots.

Tonight's dinner will be a few baked chicken wings, salad, and broccoli. We ended up eating a fairly low in fat but moderate in carb chicken and vegetable dish from the freezer. We had it with salad and peas and carrots.

See a pattern developing? I do. Boredom! Just like low carb is after months and months...

We have two major obstacles: breakfast and snacks. He's an egg eater and eats at least two eggs every morning for breakfast. He's willing to try 1 egg with the equivalent of an egg beater type product but that still gives 7 eggs a week if he eats that each morning. He really needs to eat four or fewer eggs a week so I'm researching and looking for more breakfast ideas that don't include fatty meats, eggs, fruit, high carb vegetables, or oatmeal. Good luck! He's used to snacking on meat, cheese, and whatever else he desires but that's got to really be brought into control.

On the brighter side of things, we do have the advantage of having joined the gym last week and we've been faithful about going. We even got up at 5:15 this morning, headed over there, and worked out for 55 minutes before I had to shower and dress for work. We know that exercise and losing weight will help both the blood sugar and the cholesterol but we still have to figure out the nutrition/diet part of things.

If you have any brilliant ideas on this, please share. You can either post suggestions here or on the diabetes blog. My brain is fried from all the thinking!

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