Saturday, May 23, 2009

A few sites to recommend

Okay, I've not mentioned the TYWKIWDBI blog before but that's because I just recently found it! How I could have missed this gem is beyond me (like I have 100 hours a day to do nothing but find great blogs), but miss it I did. However, now that I've found it I've been perusing the older entries and am just overwhelmed by it all. And impressed in a major way.

I found this blog by doing a Google search for information on New Madrid County, MO, where my paternal grandmother grew up and that search led me to this entry. It made such an impact on me that I started reading other entries. Now I'm hooked.

If you haven't read TYWKIWDBI, you should. Trust me.

Also, if you're interested in food storage, take a good look at Food Storage Depot. The site is well designed and the prices, though they might seem high, are pretty good. We do our food storage the old fashioned way by gathering a little here and a little there but for those that would rather have it done for them, Food Storage Depot is a great choice. By the way, I'm going to try and review their bread mix soon so watch Plain Ol' Food for that!


Minnesotastan said...

Thank you for the kind words about TYWKIWDBI. I'll have to see what I can come up with in terms of culinary tidbits for you.


CookinsForMe said...

Thanks for stopping by! Yours is my favorite blog right now and that will probably remain the case for awhile. It's partially because your blog has something for everyone..or most everyone! If you find any culinary tidbits, that would be great. In the meantime, I'll continue to lead people to you when I can.