Friday, May 22, 2009

Eat From the Pantry Challenge, Week 1

On May 18th, I joined the Eat From the Pantry Challenge going on over at Learning the Frugal Life. I'm joining in the middle of it, but oh well, any attempt is better than none at all!

Well, I didn't do so well this week but I won't beat myself up over it. My goal was to buy only milk, eggs, and fresh produce for the rest of the month but I decided that if I can just cut way back on food purchases I'll be content with it so I haven't been blown out of the water.

One day I bought 3 bags of Market Pantry unbreaded frozen chicken wings (spicy garlic, barbecue and Jamaican) and we've been eating them here and there for lunch or a snack. If you haven't tried those, you really should. They beat the fire out of other brands and are reasonably priced at Target. Tonight we went out for Chinese and went to Wal-Mart where we spent $40 for food and some other things for our upcoming trip to Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri.

On a good note, I haven't bought lunch while at work for over a week now. Yaaay!

All in all, I haven't managed to do as well as I'd hoped but haven't totally botched the challenge, either.

When I joined, I'd forgotten we'll be gone for a week and while we plan to cook most meals at our cabin we'll certainly eat out a few times, too. This isn't going to be an outrageously expensive trip but it won't be cheap, either. We've budgeted and saved for it, though, and we're really excited about it! However, I'm taking that week off from the challenge and will resume when we return!

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