Friday, April 3, 2009

Julian Bakery's Smart Carb No. 1 bread

Out of curiosity, do any of you low carbers eat Julian Bakery's Smart Carb No. 1 bread? It's awfully pricey at $7.99 a loaf but if it's good tasting (which it seems to be from what I've read) and it doesn't spike my blood sugar (which it seems it might not from what I've read) I'm willing to pay that. Of course, I'll eat it sparingly. At $7.99 + shipping I can't afford to eat a lot of it but still...what would I give to enjoy a turkey bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich? French toast? Wow, it's been years.....

I have three loaves of Julian's breads coming to me and I can't wait to try them. Watch this blog for more!

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Linda said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog. It's nice to hear that more people are enjoying bento! I'm glad I got to know it, and can't wait for my Bento Box to arrive!
Oh, and I want some goodies too, such as egg-molds. They are so cute!