Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Long John Silver's Freshside Grille Smart Choice Meals

Yes, it is possible to have a relatively inexpensive low carb meal on the go!

A few days ago I was very hungry after work and stopped at Long John Silver's. Knowing that my blood sugar can't handle their fried fish, hush puppies and french fries, I opted for the grilled tilapia with rice and vegetables (though most of the rice ended up in the trash) and it was excellent so when DH requested the salmon today, I was ready to go get it.

Each of the salmon meals had two small fillets that were placed on top of a carrot and green bean medley seasoned with a sauce that's vaguely reminiscent of Italian dressing and wow, did we get a lot of vegetables! The salmon fillets, though small, were tender and flaky and quite delicious.

According to Long John Silver's, the carb count for the salmon and 1 serving of vegetables is 6 grams so with double vegetables the meal came to about 10 grams of carbohydrates. And the price wasn't bad, either - $10.80 for the two meals.

We were both very satisfied with the taste and quality of the meals and except for the fact that I'd love to have some broccoli thrown in the vegetable mix, I say Long John Silver's new Freshside Grille Smart Choice meals really are smart choices and they're worth your attention!

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