Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weight loss, blood sugar, low carb eating, & bento style lunches

While at my mother's house yesterday I weighed myself. I've lost about 15 pounds in the last few weeks and now weigh 170 lbs. Supposedly, the "ideal weight" for someone my height and age is between 119 and 125 but I think that's too small. I'm aiming for 145 and once I get there I'll adjust the goal if needed.

My mother commented that I look smaller from behind. Ha, thanks Mom! ;) I probably do, though, and I appreciated the notice of it. A friend of hers commented that I look like I've lost "a lot of weight". Wow, are 15 pounds that noticeable? Hmmm, I guess to her they are.

At any rate, the friend wanted to know how I've done it so I told her I'm eating low carb and using bento boxes for meals at work. We had a nice discussion about the bento boxes and she seemed pretty enthused about the concept. Hopefully she'll do a little research and perhaps give bento a shot.

Using the bento boxes to help with portion control has made a difference but eating low carb is making the larger difference, I think. Regardless, the combination seems to work for me and I'm thrilled! More important is the fact that my blood sugar is just about under control now. I don't go over 140 often at all and most times hover around 100. Plus, I have very few hypo episodes now. What improvement!

Okayk, time to work on the menu for the coming week so I can partake in Menu Plan Monday again.

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