Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday dinner & a snack, bento style

I worked from 1:30 this afternoon to 9:30 tonight and since the shift was a little on the longish side I took both a snack and meal with me.
mushrooms, peas
The snack was steamed sugar snap peas and raw mushrooms and it was very tasty.
low carb, bento
And here's the main meal. The top tier is tomatoes with mozzarella cheese and brussels sprouts. The bottom tier is meat loaf with a little ketchup and salad.

Some of the people at work have commented that the food my bento boxes hold wouldn't fill them. I thought that, too, when I first saw the boxes but I generally can't eat all I take though I do try. Tonight I had a little salad, three peas, and one brussels sprout leftover from the meal. It's pretty amazing that what seems to be such a small amount of food fills me but it does. And that's just one reason I like using bento boxes for lunch. :)

By the way, my BG when I got home tonight, about two hours after I ate my lunch, was 98! Go me!

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