Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quick & easy lunch & dinner out

bento, snack, low carb
I worked 5.5 hours today and got a 15 minute break and no lunch period which meant any food I took had to be low carb and quick and easy to eat. Since I'd gotten fresh asparagus at Albertson's yesterday for .99 a bundle (yes, that cheap!) I took some raw asparagus and cheeses. Raw asparagus is one of my favorite snacks but since its normally almost $4 a pound, I just don't buy the stuff. Anyway, today on my break I ate my asparagus with some Colby Jack and Havarti cheeses. It was a very tasty snack, thank you.

Dinner was nice but not too exciting. We went to Jucy's where DH got a burger and onion rings and I had a large beef salad.

I think I'm coming down with something. I don't have time for this!


Jolie said...

$.99??? How awesome is that. I wish they would have a sale like that here. I buy it at the $4.00 price because we love it. I've never eaten it raw. I always microwave with seasoning and a little olive oil. I'll have to try it raw. Feel better soon!

Sweeter said...

That does look very yummy. I've never eaten raw asparagus. I'm not even sure I've ever even bought fresh asparagus. I tend to buy most veggies in a frozen state (except for salad).

CookinsForMe said...

I buy a lot of fresh vegetables, too, and a lot of frozen. Try raw asparagus if you get the chance. I think its great. :) And thanks for stopping by!