Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nice shopping deals

On the way home from Louisiana today we stopped at the HEB in Carthage, Texas. HEB has been one of my favorite stores since I lived down by Houston but as there isn't one in our area the only time I get to shop them is when I go to Austin. So, when I saw the HEB store beckoning to me from the side of the road, I called out to my man person, "Oh look! There's HEB!" He asked if I wanted to stop and I said yes so we did. The three teens with us weren't too impressed but they were at our mercy...

When we walked in I grabbed a sales flier and immediately saw two things I wanted; boneless beef ribs and beef shoulder roast, both for $1.97 a pound. Before we got to the meat department, we'd found other good deals, including large bags of store brand Sucralose for $2.80 each. Yes, less than $3 a bag! They're normally $5.90 but were marked 'blow out' and I'd surely call $2.80 a blow out. We normally buy the Great Value brand for almost $6 for the same amount. Ten bags of that went in the cart. DH found store brand decaf instant coffee, which he prefers, for less than $3.50 a jar so three of those went in the cart, also.

I finally made it to the meat department and discovered they were out of the beef ribs but did have the shoulder roast so I chose two of those, both for under $5 each. While meandering around in that department, I found beef short ribs for $1.77 a lb. I haven't seen those at that low of a price for at least two years so six packages of those went into the cart. I absolutely love those boiled with a bay leaf and eaten with sauerkraut. DH isn't wild about them but will eat them broiled and barbecued. They also had large packages of turkey cotto salami for less than $3 so we got a couple of those. They even had HEB Glycemic Health Bread, something I haven't found in local stores, for $2.38 so I got a loaf of that to try. If it doesn't spike my blood sugar I might be able to have a real sandwich now and then! I'm not sure how I'll like it since its white bread (gasp!) and I haven't eaten been a white bread eater in ohhhh, over 40 years.

Anyway, we spent about $106 there, most of it on meat for the freezer. It's about 40 miles from us so we're talking about taking a trip there once a month or so in the hopes of finding more 'blow out' type deals. One of their employees said we could call weekly to find out what those blow out deals are so we might do that. It would be worth 80 miles if we can find deals like the ones we found today.


Laurie said...

Those definitely are great prices! WOW, I've spent that much for a few bags of groceries with no meat:(

I hope the bread doesn't spike your blood sugar...even if it is white! I, too, am a 'no white bread' person. LOL! Happy sandwich eating!

Irene said...
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CookinsForMe said...

Laurie, I know what you mean about spending that much and not getting meat! I was very thrilled to find the deals we found and really hope we can go back in a couple of weeks or a month. I haven't tried the bread yet but will try it and post the results here.