Saturday, December 27, 2008

Short article and this weekend

I read this blog entry this morning and though the suggestions are standard (use cash, don't throw things out, etc) a few commonalities between today's economy and the one during the Depression are pointed out in an effective way.

I've had a busy week and I spent Thursday with my family in Dallas. My mother, stepfather, sisters, youngest son, and nieces and nephews were there. Even my oldest niece, her husband and three children from Iowa were present and it was great seeing them. We had a lot of good food and great fellowship and my son and his girl surprised us all with the lovely engagement ring on her left hand! Woohooo! :)

I'm actually off the entire weekend and this afternoon we're heading to Natchitoches, LA to hear a good band and see great fireworks at the river. If you're ever there this time of year, do catch the festivities. You won't be sorry!


Laurie said...

Hello, old friend, I've recently 'found' you again! LOL! I love your blog!

Enjoyed reading your article. Your thoughts must have mirrored my own....I was just reading this article:

Congratulations to your son! What wonderful news!

CookinsForMe said...

Laurie! How are you? Gosh, its been awhile! I'm so glad you found me. :) I'll check out the article when I get home.