Monday, October 6, 2008

Ooops, a change in the menu

Tonight we were going to have leftover Chunky Chili Chicken with brown rice, tossed salad, and green beans but we weren't in the mood for that. In fact, we weren't really in the mood for anything on this week's menu so we ended up eating broiled chicken tenderloins, turnip greens, and peas and carrots. It was good and we were both satisfied.

Afterwards, while looking over the menu, I got to thinking about making over the Chunky Chili Chicken, turning it into a different dish for tomorrow night. It was very good the first time and certainly can just be warmed and eaten again but I'd like to make it into something else.

My first thought was some kind of tortilla casserole. The Chunky Chili Chicken is very thick but I have a 1/2 can of stewed tomatoes languishing in the fridge and if I add those and a little bit of frozen corn and maybe some broth or V8 juice and layer it with tortilla chips and chopped green onions then top with cheese it might be a very tasty dish.

Another idea is to add more tomatoes, broth and perhaps some green beans to the Chunky Chili Chicken and turn it into soup. I think that would be excellent with hot water cornbread or even homemade yeast rolls.

I'm going to consider this awhile and decide in the morning what to do with it. I have to be at work at 4 PM so I'll have it ready for the man person before I leave and I'll have some when I get home around 10 PM.

If you have an idea on what to do with the Chunky Chili Chicken, please let me know. I'll post about what I end up doing with it.

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