Saturday, October 25, 2008

Helping kids build great holiday memories

I read this entry about creating an Autumn Extravaganza Memory Box and I absolutely love the idea. I'm already in the process of making a recipe book for each of my grown sons and have started working on the contents and format, but wasn't sure how to pull it all together. Happy Housewives to the rescue!

I plan to have recipes, pictures, and perhaps a quickie family tree just for fun. The pictures I put in it will hopefully bring back happy memories of childhood celebrations and the dishes they prepare from the recipes in it will be joyous reminders of generations gone by.

I can't think of a better gift for young people, single or married, and I wish I'd thought about something like this when my children were younger. Actually, I wish my grandmother had thought of it!! I'd have taken more pictures with the intention of putting them in the guide, I'd have made notes by recipes that Jon stuck his tongue out at this dish and Jeremy acted like he was choking at that one. But I didn't do any of that so whatever I come up with now will have to do.

This should be fun and I'll blog about the guide as it comes along.

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