Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall is coming & with it, some of my favorite foods

The temperature here this morning was 55 and the high was in the 70s. In a couple of days, we'll have warmer weather but that won't last much longer. No, its not yet time to drag out the winter clothes (hmm, where is my coat, anyway?) but it is time to start gearing up for Fall, one of my two favorite times of year. I absolutely love the cooler weather we start experiencing right about now and it's approach prompts me to perform certain household "chores" that I reserve for Spring and Autumn.

One of those is window cleaning. Although I don't like to wash windows at all, I do enjoy washing and re-hanging the now fresh smelling curtains and seeing the clean glass in the windows. Another thing I do just twice a year is defrost and clean the freezer. I don't like this job at all but it needs to be done and the finished product makes the drudgery of the process worth the doing. I love seeing the freezer shelves clean and neatly stocked with the great sale purchases we've made. My heart almost sings to best buy beef, clearance chicken, and discontinued frozen goods all purchased for a fraction of the original cost! But I think the very best part of Fall is cooking.

Since the outside weather is a little cooler, the inside weather can be a little warmer and nothing oven and stove top at bringing about the warmth. And ahhhh, the smells of banana bread baking, stew simmering, meat roasting, and on and on and on...

Anyway, I'll post my Freezer Food Friday entry in the morning and there will be some of our favorite fall foods on there. What are your favorite fall foods?

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