Friday, September 26, 2008

When life hands you lemons, make fish sticks!

This morning I had a tooth shatter. It didn't just break - it disintegrated! I've put in calls to my dentist but I get the voice mail and although I called the emergency number he hasn't returned the call. So, I haven't eaten hardly anything all day.

DH had some of the leftover roast and vegetables from last night earlier and I finally got so hungry I had to find something, anything, to eat. What did I find? Why, fish sticks of course! I baked them until they were done but not crunchy and had them with mixed peas and carrots. Neither item is something I eat often or in quantity but I needed something fairly soft and easy to chew. Besides, fish sticks are comfort food for me and man, do I need comforting!

So remember this, folks - when life hands you lemons, make fish sticks!

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