Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday drivel

My man person's brother and his family live in Pearland, which is on Ike's projected path. The brother is working up North right now but is flying in this afternoon to gather his family and leave. Earlier this morning he said they were going to head west but now he isn't sure about that since it's the evacuation path and driving it might very well be nightmarish. They might go north, ending up in our area, or they might go east to Louisiana where more of the family is. So, say a prayer for Ed and his family as they decide where to go.

We went out looking for garage sales this morning and found none but we did find an estate sale. They had a few things we could use but like most estate sales here the prices were just too high so we didn't buy a thing.

Since the garage sale hunt didn't take much of our time and I had no new pretties to play with, I worked on the candy project this morning but my camera is giving me fits so no pictures yet. The stuff looks and tastes great, though, and maybe I'll get that camera to cooperate tonight.

In work related news, I close tonight and open in the morning so I won't get a lot of sleep. I don't like shifts so close together but it happens sometimes and right now we're so short handed there isn't much else to do. So I'll suck it up and take it.

At any rate, it's almost time for me to get ready for work so here's to a good Thursday!

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