Friday, September 12, 2008

Pssst, got any D batteries on ya?

We went to Wing Stop for dinner tonight and decided to get some batteries while we were out and about. The traffic was horrible! We passed a Wal-Mart Supercenter and decided not to stop there because the entire parking lot was packed. So we went to several stores looking for D batteries but every store had none! Most of the stores didn't even have any flashlights left, much less the batteries for them. Finally, we went to Target and there we found the D batteries we wanted. We also picked up some 'emergency chips' and 'crisis salsa'. Yeah, it's just an excuse to get chips and salsa but it works. ;)

It rained earlier and we have a lot of clouds. This isn't part of Ike but it's gulf coast moisture that Ike is pushing out of that area and into ours. Very bad weather is predicted for tomorrow and Sunday and I heard that Jacksonville, Texas is without power tonight. Apparently their power is from Houston.

My man person's brother and his family decided to ride out the storm at their home in Pearland. We're a little nervous about that but he felt it was the thing to do. When Hurricane Rita threatened their area they spent close to 20 hours in traffic during evacuation and they don't want to go through that again. I can't say that I blame them but years ago I rode out a Cat 2 hurricane that wasn't nearly as large as Ike and that was enough to make me say "Never again".

I'm not sure what to expect from all this Ike business. We hear contradictory reports ranging from we'll get a little rain and a little wind to we'll be slammed with flooding, 75 mph winds, and power outages. Of course, we hope its the former and we're prepared for the latter.

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