Saturday, May 12, 2007

I ate the two beets from the garden

last night and they were the best I've ever eaten. I say that every time I eat a new beet from my garden and every time I say it, I mean it. There's something so fresh, so savory, so... healing about eating something you've grown yourself. It's a remarkable experience each and every time.

I had boiled the beets earlier in the day and put them in a bowl on top of the stove. Last night I stood on the porch with a salt shaker and ate them like one would eat a fresh tomato. I didn't peel them (I never do) and I didn't use a fork. I simply took a bite, added a little salt, took another bite, added a dash of salt until both beets were gone.

This morning I watered the garden and marveled at the increase in size of the green beans, bell peppers and corn in just two days. Unfortunately, the fire ants have discovered the plants, also, so it's time to put out diatomaceous earth and that should tend to the little plant killers. Tonight I'll cut some of the stems from the onions and put that in our beet green, kale, and chard salad. Soon we'll have tomatoes to add to it. Yum!

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