Thursday, May 10, 2007

Counting recipes is almost as good as counting sheep..

When I can't sleep, I count recipes. Or rather I add more of them to my collection, counting as I go. I use Cookware to keep track of recipes and I have 1,381 recipes in it right now, most of which I've tried. I've another several hundred on my drive that need to be transferred and I do that a little at a time. On nights like tonight when sleep is elusive I hit my favorite recipe spots and wander around, peeking here and there to see what I can find that sounds good to me. I copy and paste the information into Cookware knowing that at some point I'll get around to trying it. I find perusing the recipes to be calming and soothing and after awhile downright exhausting. If I do it long enough I get past the relaxment (Is that a word? Naaw, but I like it and will start using it!) stage and head right into the sleepy stage. I'm heading there now, as a matter of fact. But my stomach is growling and I'm wondering what I can have for a quick snack. Oh, I know what sounds good. A little cream cheese, warmed in a bowl in the microwave, with a tad of Splenda and a splash of vanilla added. It's not Creme Brulee but it's quick, it's low in carbs, and it's tasty. Give it a try sometime and let me know what you think.

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