Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just a quick update

I'll post my menu for the coming week tonight or tomorrow but wanted to share a quick update. I'm now wearing a size 10 or 12 jeans! Right now that's the only exciting news in my life but that's pretty darn exciting to me. Oh wait, there's more. I had a c-peptide test and it turned out to be on the very low end. What does this mean? It means my pancreas is producing very little insulin. Surprise! ;) We're waiting for the results on a GAD test, also.

Regardless of the GAD results, I'm on the right track. I still need to lose another 15 to 18 lbs but I feel better now than I have in years, literally. My sleep is still not quite right but the old Denise is coming back and I'm so relieved!


Beth said...

Denise I'm so happy and proud of you!!! Way to go on eating right and that weight loss! You're quite the inspiration. ;o)

CookinsForMe said...

LOL I don't know about inspiration, Beth, but thanks. :) That means a lot to me!