Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday stuff

I got to work this morning to find water pooled inside the espresso machine and of course, the machine wasn't working. This isn't good for a coffee shop, folks! I knew then that they day might not be a great one. Fortunately we didn't lose many sales as its so blasted hot that most people want cold drinks and not necessarily iced lattes, either. An emergency work order had been opened and a technician came and worked on the machine for a couple of hours, finishing up around two o'clock. It's a good thing, too, as we got our busy spell right after that and most orders required espresso.

At any rate, I got off at four this afternoon and as soon as I got home I changed into cooler clothes and threw myself on the bed to watch a little television. The heat is ridiculous already and it just saps me of energy, especially after a long work day. Speaking of heat, over at Learning the Frugal Life, there's a nice little entry on ways to stay cool. The suggestions are good but I told her she left out my favorite - taking cool showers. I've lived without AC many times and although summer can be miserable without it, cool showers and a fan go a long way toward cooling me off. So, I figured I'd fall asleep in the cool room but didn't. Instead, I found some energy so I paused the "House" episode I was watching, cleaned the kitchen, including the coffee pot and microwave, and took four perch fillets out of the freezer to thaw for dinner.

The man person and I ran a quick errand and I'm about to bake those fillets. I think I'll season them with a little butter and some spicy sea salt. I'll eat mine with brussels sprouts and the man will have his with peas and carrots and a small baked potato.

And this girl is going to bed early tonight. I don't open in the morning so I can actually sleep in...and let me tell you, I need it.

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