Thursday, June 25, 2009

Joined the gym and....

We joined the gym I mentioned in my last entry and last night we worked out for an hour. Again, my idea of a workout and yours might be different but considering how sedentary I am, almost anything is a workout! I walked the indoor track, about a mile, and rode a stationary bike. I tried a treadmill but the setting wasn't right for me and I just couldn't do it. I was okay with walking and biking, though.

We went again tonight and worked out for 50 minutes. I just couldn't do 10 more minutes to make an hour but was happy with the time I did get in. I was really impressed with what the workout did to my blood sugar. Before the workout tonight, the BG was 180 and 20 minutes after the workout was finished it was 104. Wooohoooo! I had similar results last night and it appears that a good workout does wonders for my BG.

We were both starving as we hadn't eaten dinner so we went to Arby's. Rod had a sandwich but I got just the inside fixins of a beef and cheddar sandwich, no bun, and some water. They were out of salad stuff so I couldn't have salad which is what I really wanted. But the beef and cheddar was good and the water really hit the spot. It wasn't enough to really fill me but I'm too tired and sore to prepare anything so I'm going to just head to bed and hope for a good BG in the morning. :)

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