Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And more on menu planning not working out..

Tonight we went to Double Dave's for dinner. Rod thought he was going to play there so we went right after he closed the shop and we ordered two stromboli, one cheese steak and one garlic and spinach. I only ate half of mine so while it wasn't a great dinner on the carb front it wasn't horrendous, either.

We hadn't really planned on eating out but he wanted to and we had it in the budget so that worked out okay. We haven't eaten out much lately but we still do it more than we should. We're on the right track, though, so we don't feel guilty about it. The bills are paid on time or early, we aren't behind on anything, and we have money saved so eating out tonight won't break us. But man, being human sure is a pain at times!

Tomorrow is my day off (oh really? errands, laundry, what day off?) and I hope to make the crustless meat pie on my menu plan. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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