Monday, May 25, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - late but good!

I've been so busy with work and getting ready for the big genealogy research trip that I haven't done as much menu planning as I should have. I worked Saturday, Sunday, and today so there's been no cook out for us but that's okay. We'll do that while we're on vacation!

The menu for this week is short and uses some leftovers so it's easy and very thrifty.

Tonight we had the last of the enchilada casserole. I was going to prepare a salad to go with it but we were only in the mood for the casserole so that's what we had.

After tonight we have four more evening meals before we leave so the rest of the week we'll have, in no particular order:

Meat crust pizza with tossed salad and steamed green beans

Chicken stir fry with a little wild rice and a cold vegetable salad

Meatloaf with faux mashed potatoes and steamed spinach

Whatever leftovers are in the fridge

We'll be gone for a few days but I'll resume Menu Plan Monday when we return. And if you haven't participated in Menu Plan Monday, give it a shot. It's fun to see what others are posting and planning saves both time and money. And both of those are great things!

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