Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9th to 14th menu

MPM shopping list

It's that time again - Menu Plan Monday! Continued thanks to Laura for hosting this fantastic, fun, and helpful weekly event and for those of you who still haven't given it a whirl, what are you waiting for? Menu planning isn't nearly as hard as it might seem and it really can save you a bundle of money. Check out the great menus posted by hundreds of others and add your own blog entry to the list so we can see what you're making for dinner this week. You never know - Aunt Mabel's famous doodad recipe you blog about might end up on my table and my blog! And wouldn't Aunt Mabel love 15 minutes of fame, such as it is? ;)

I work tonight starting at 3 PM and had planned to do some cooking this afternoon. However, DH and I both have a miserable virus so I don't know how much cooking (as opposed to lazing around and groaning) I'll actually get done. In light of that, tonight's dinner is slow cooked flat cut brisket, cabbage and carrots, all leftover from Sunday. I'll take mine in one of my bento boxes and it will be very good when I finally get to it. I doubt that I'll be very hungry, though, so I'll probably take something akin to a snack bento.

Fortunately, we have a pantry that's well stocked so we shouldn't have to go to the grocery for anything but bread, eggs, milk, and any great deals we come across. That's nice since the price of food is skyrocketing around here and the money coming in is tight!

So, the rest of the week we'll have, in no particular order:

Beef stew made with leftover brisket and vegetables, served over rice for DH and over steamed cauliflower for me, with salad on the side

Teriyaki chicken thighs and breasts, edamame, and broccoli

Stir fry from planned-over teriyaki chicken and vegetables, served with salad and a dessert of some concoction containing mascarpone and chocolate shavings

Baked perch with salad and broccoli/cauliflower mix

YOYO (You're On Your Own), when we just dig through the fridge or go out for dinner

And there you have it - a week of evening meals at my house. They're not exciting but they're all low in carbs and thrifty and you gotta love that.

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Jolie said...

I'm late in planning mine. It is because no shopping til Friday so I have to see what is in the freezer and pantry and just cook what we have!