Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sorry, but I *like* re-runs for dinner!

Tonight's dinner was excellent even though it was made entirely from leftovers. I talked to a friend on the phone while I was getting dinner ready and she said "Ewwwww!!" when I mentioned leftovers. I told her what I'd done with the leftovers then said, "Sorry, but I like re-runs for dinner!" and she made another disgusted sound. The conversation went downhill from there.

What's not to like about leftovers? Eating them as is or finding a new way to use them as Janelle and Jen seem to excel at or working planned overs into your menu are all frugal and rockin' ways to recycle your food! And hey, isn't recycling a big thing in our world?

Anyway, to make our meal I chopped what was left of a beef roast from earlier this week and put it in a bowl of leftover brown gravy. Then I added about a Tablespoon of dried onion soup mix, the spoon full left of baby carrots and potato that had cooked with the roast and heated it all. The gravy and meat was served over leftover fried rice from chinese food two days and we had sides of leftover green beans and leftover green peas. It was a little higher in carbs than we need or normally eat but the leftovers needed to go and we needed to eat. It was a win win situation, especially after we took a long walk to help with the blood sugar rise that could have come from eating those carbs.

Tomorrow's dinner will be from leftovers, also. There's leftover broiled tenderized steak and half a baked potato lingering in the refrigerator. The steak will more than likely end up in the slow cooker with stewed tomatoes and onions and be served over the potato and the small amount of fried rice that's left. A nice leafy salad and some brussels sprouts will finish off the meal. I can't wait.

Bring on the leftovers!


Laurie said...

I love leftovers made-over. I always get a good feeling from it. It also saves on our budget.

If you don't do leftovers, what do you do with all that food?

CookinsForMe said...

Throw it out???? Oh no! Some people do that and some just freeze it all as is and eat it later. But that's still leftovers. ;)

Janelle said...

Awesome!!!! And I have an uncle who throws away anything leftover. I can't imagine!!!! Food is food....I just don't get people's squeamishness about eating something in another form. We'll keep on making new meals from old, won't we??? :)

CookinsForMe said...

I sure will! It's a kind of game. ;)

Sunny said...

Did you see recipezaars list of 100 most popular recipes today?

I linked to it on my blog

CookinsForMe said...

Sunny, I got something in email about it but haven't read it yet. Hopefully I'll get to that this weekend. :)

CookinsForMe said...

The steak from the slow cooker turned out very well. We had it with a little rice and a salad and the brussels sprouts and it made a terrific and thrifty meal. :)

GrammyGoo said...

Part of the joy of cooking is what will it be the 2nd time around. We love left-overs.
Blessings, GG

ehart said...

I don't care for leftovers but that's because I don't want to eat the same thing two meals in a row. But I also don't like to throw food away.

I use leftover spaghetti to make what I call Pizzaghetti. You put the spaghetti in the bottom of a 10 X 13 baking dish and top with pizza sauce, meat (or other pizza toppings) and cheese then heat until the cheese is lightly brown.

Very similar to your crustless pizza only with an alternative crust. Since you're diabetic, you could substitute vegetable spaghtetti or spinach noodles to hold down the carbs if you feel the need for a crust.