Sunday, December 7, 2008

Slow Cooked Steak and Gravy over Rice

I worked from 4:00 to 10:30 last night but since my sister came into town from Dallas and I planned to spend most of the time before work with her and my mom I prepared the man person's main dish of Slow Cooked Steak and Gravy over Rice in the morning.

Steak and gravy is one of our favorite dishes and I've made it with round steak, chuck steak, and many other cuts of beef. Carne Picada isn't steak but it's a good substitute in certain dishes and the man person was quite happy with the results which is good enough for me.

I've used carne picada in various recipes for quite awhile and am still thrilled with the versatility of this beef cut. If you haven't tried it, you really should. The cost is usually substantially less than other beef and it's always tender.

Slow Cooked Steak and Gravy

beef (I used 1 lb of carne picada)
onion (I used dried)
salt, pepper, garlic and any other seasonings desired
cream of mushroom soup (I used 1 can but prefer homemade equivalent)
small can chopped green chiles

Put the beef in a slow cooker, add the onion and spices, and cook on high for about an hour until the meat shows little or no pink. After the meat is cooked, drain enough liquid that there's only 1/4 cup or so in the crock. Add the rest of the ingredients and cook on low for at least three hours. Serve over rice, noodles, potatoes or vegetables.

That's all there is to it! We usually like this over broccoli or mashed cauliflower with a nice salad on the side. It's a tasty and hearty meal that doesn't break the bank.


Glenna said...

Yum! I do something similar only using tomato soup with the rest of the same ingredients, sort of a swiss steak I think it would be called. I like your idea of the mushroom soup or even mushroom gravy would be simple and yummy to give it a different taste.

Okay, great ideas for dinner! I haven't made it in a while and my hubby, Gene, would think he was in heaven!

CookinsForMe said...

Glenna, that sounds good too but DH isn't wild about tomato based sauces so I rarely make them. Once in awhile he'll eat swiss steak made with stewed tomatoes but I don't make it often. I might try your idea though and see what he thinks. Thanks!