Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No Menu Plan Monday for me this week!

I've had a crazy busy week and haven't gotten around to making a menu for the week and didn't post on Menu Plan Monday. But I baked a 6.5 lb. hen, bought at .67 a lb, to be used throughout the week so I knew we'd have a lot of chicken. What I didn't count on was the hen being tough! It isn't just a little tough - it's very tough! But I don't want to throw away still edible meat so some went in the freezer and the rest will be used in a couple of meals this week. The cooler weather is here and I'm in the mood for comfort food.

Tonight we're having chicken salad roll ups made with the more tender meat, served with salad and steamed spinach.

The rest of the week we'll have, in no particular order:

Chicken enchilada stacks with red beans and salad

Chili and cornbread

Lima beans with salad

Chicken and homemade noodles with green beans

And that's it. All the meals are easy, thrifty, and tasty and most don't require much time or attention. That works for me. :)

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