Monday, December 22, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - more planned overs!

We didn't eat all the chicken from last week so we'll use some of it this week. I also have two beef roasts to cook today and those will be used through the week. I really do need to find new ways to use beef and chicken, though. I'm blessed that the man person has a very simple palate and doesn't mind eating the same things over and over but I do!

Since I'm off today I'll scour the web looking for some new recipes and this week's meals could very well change. But for now, here's the plan:

Lemon Herb Beef Roast Lemon Herb Sirloin Steak with tossed salad and bread machine wheat rolls will be tonight's supper. I thought I had roasts thawing but they turned out to be two thick cut sirloin steaks. No problem, they'll be made with the Lemon Herb recipe, anyway.

Wednesday evening I'll be in Dallas at my sister's house and we'll more than likely order chinese food from Dragon Wok. By the way, if you're in that area of Dallas and like chinese food, try their Orange Chicken. It's the best I've ever eaten, bar none.

Thursday I'll be at the home of one of my nieces and we're doing a very large pot luck dinner. So that leaves only three more dinners to prepare.

They'll be, in no particular order:

Baked ocean perch fillets with spicy wild rice and greens. I just found this greens recipe today and its so close to how I prepare them I thought I'd pass it along.

Leftover beef roast with green beans and salad

Creamed chicken over dressing with broccoli and snow peas

For menu plans of other folks, check out Menu Plan Monday. While you're at it, share your menu plan with the rest of us. :)

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