Friday, November 28, 2008

Post-Thanksgiving Stuff

I spent Wednesday at Mom's house helping her prepare for the crowd that was to be there on Thursday but Thanksgiving was spent with my husband and some friends of ours at their house. They invited a couple in their 70s from their church, a single man in his 50s or so from their church, and us. We made an interesting little group.

Our friends cooked an organic turkey and all the trimmings...well, most of them! Missing were some of the things I associate with Thanksgiving like candied yams, mashed potatoes and gravy, and my mother's Waldorf Salad, and present were things I associate with a summer barbecue rather than this holiday like potato salad and green salad. But that's one of the differences between east Texas cookin' and eatin' and Midwest cookin' and eatin', I suppose. Or maybe those are familial preferences...

Regardless, the food was very good and there was a lot of it. The company was very good, also, and we had a wonderful day. DH and I watched the Cowboy game after we ate and I washed most of the dishes since our gracious hostess was exhausted. We got home around 7:30 or so last night and it wasn't long before I was in bed since I had to get up at 4 this morning to be at work by 5:45.

My oldest son and his new wife are at my mother's house and I'm going to spend tomorrow with them, probably shopping. Ooops, that reminds me I need to post more wedding photos! I'll try to do that over the next few days. If I'm up to it, I might invite them over tonight. I don't get to spend much time with them so I look forward to that.

Okay, time for me to finish getting ready for work. The day is going to be long and somewhat stressful, I think, but I'll post this evening some time. Wish me luck. ;)


Roxi said...

They look very happy and gorgeous. Thank you for sharing them. It looked like the perfect day for a wedding. And the church was very beautiful. I am glad that you had a good thanksgiving. We did too. I haven't posted any yet, but I will. Good night and will talk to you later. Roxi

CookinsForMe said...

Roxi, it was just beautiful, their wedding! Hope you and Bill are doing well.