Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dinner tonight was so so

I got off at 3:00 this afternoon and when I walked in the door, the man person was practically waiting for his dinner. He was ravenous so I made dinner very early. It turned out okay but just okay. I was a little disappointed and so was he.

I broiled some of the top sirloin I bought at the Hispanic market on Sunday and seasoned it with garlic and pepper. While it was broiling, I threw some cream of mushroom soup into a pan, added some of the broth from the broiling meat, added a few spices and mixed that up. When the meat was almost but not quite cooked, I put it in the pan with the soup mixture and put it all in the oven on 300. I let it cook about 15 minutes or so, baked a couple of small red potatoes and steamed a little spinach and we sat down to eat.

The meat and gravy tasted good but the meat had quite a bit of gristle in it and some of it was very tough. Fortunately, not all of it was tough but a good deal of it was. It was rather disappointing as suppers go but hey, it was food, it was hot, and it was cheap. We're thankful we had it even if it wasn't quite what we'd hoped for.

But next time I use that meat it will more than likely be in one of my slow cookers.


Roxi said...

That sounded very disappointing. I hate getting your heart on something and then soemthing go wrong that is SO WAY out of your hands. I am terrrible to myself and get really down. My Baby, Bill, is a really good cook. Something like that would have happened to him and he would have said the same thing you did. But it did sound wonderful. Take care of yourself and happy cooking.

Liz said...

Well... we broke down and got food from the Wendy's dollar menu last night. Now THAT is sad. :)

CookinsForMe said...

Okay, Liz that *is* pretty sad! But hey, I think we're all guilty at some point or another. ;)