Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weekend eats

Lunch today was chili cheese dogs sans bread. I just heated some turkey franks, topped them with hot leftover chili and shredded cheddar cheese and they were very tasty.

We didn't eat Chunky Chili Chicken for dinner last night as I'd planned. When I got off work the man person was too hungry to wait for that so we grabbed some fast food. Ugh, not my favorite thing but I tried Burger King's new Mushroom Swiss Steakhouse Burger and it was actually very good. Surprisingly so.

Tonight we'll have the Chunky Chili Chicken. I thought I had a couple of cans of black beans but couldn't find them in the cupboard so I'm cooking a small pot of them now. Once they're cooked I'll let them cool off and they'll be ready for the recipe this evening. The Chunky Chili Chicken is very good with a nice leafy salad and some steamed green beans and I'm looking forward to dinner tonight.

Tomorrow night we'll have beef roast with vegetables. We should have plenty left to use throughout the week in beef pot pie, soup, etc.

Since I'm off today I'm working on the menu plan for this week. As usual, it's comprised of mostly what we already have on hand and it's both thrifty and easy. I'll post the week's menu tomorrow or Monday morning.

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