Thursday, October 16, 2008

Times are hard but don't stop giving!

Times are hard for a lot of us right now. Keeping body and soul alive is getting more difficult and sometimes its hard to see ways to give when we're barely making it ourselves. But we still need to give, even if we only give a little bit.

Here are some things we do:

Buy a food box from Angel Food Ministries and donate the contents to the local food pantry or to an individual or family that needs help. Each box costs $30 and certainly is helpful to someone in need. If you can't afford to pay the $30 by yourself maybe you can get a few friends to go in with you on it.

In that vein, use coupons and sales to get food pantry donations for very little to nothing. If you can't do that but you have extra foodstuffs give some to the local food pantry. Just a can or two of vegetables or a bag of rice will be put to use.

The man person repairs eyeglasses for a living. It isn't unusual for someone who has very little or no money to show up at his shop needing a repair. And it isn't unusual for him to complete said repair for nothing. They have repaired glasses and he has the blessing of helping someone in need. Everyone's happy! If you can knit or crochet, maybe you can make hats or gloves to help warm someone this coming winter. If you know something about carpentry maybe you can donate your time and expertise to an elderly neighbor who needs a door re-hung or a few shingles nailed down.

Most of us have something to give - time, talent, or money. Give it some thought and come up with creative ways to give to others even through these tough times.

For more ideas on giving generously during hard times, go to Like a Warm Cup of Coffee.


Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Good ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Mae said...

Thank you so much for your post - really great ideas! I love the Angel Food Box, and even looking for sales at the grocery store to give to the local food bank - I think I'm going to start doing that!