Monday, October 6, 2008

Quick visit to a local coffee shop

Today my youngest son's girlfriend and I went to Mugshot, a brand new local coffee shop. The employees were very nice and friendly, the decor was warm and very inviting, and the drinks were good.

First I ordered an Undertow, also called a John Wayne or Teardrop. The employees on duty hadn't heard of it so I explained how to make it. They actually made too much of the drink but I don't think they fully understood my directions. However, what they made was absolutely delicious. Afterwards, I ordered a medium Caffe Mocha. I requested it be made with just 1 pump of Mocha rather than 2 and it was very tasty but after a few swallows I realized it was way too sweet for me. I'm not sure if they used more than 1 pump of Mocha or if the syrup is just very sweet. Also, I couldn't taste the espresso in the drink so it was more like drinking hot chocolate than Mocha. Again though, it was a good drink. It just wasn't what I wanted in a Mocha. Alisha ordered a White Chocolate Mocha and said it was very good. We split a piece of excellent coffee cake but I only had two small bites of it. Okay, so I went over my carb goal a little. Ehhh, it doesn't happen often and I did shoot a bit of insulin first.

I'll go back to Mugshot but will more than likely ask for a medium Mocha with just a quick 1/2 pump of Mocha and see if that's better. I really do like a stronger espresso taste and will ask for another shot. Maybe those two modifications will make the drink the perfect Mocha for me!

I want to love their drinks. The shop is right across the road from the man person's business and it would be so convenient to be able to just run over there for some java. Also, I've been looking for a sort of "hang out" place, somewhere I can go to read or just sit quietly and I think Mugshot might be it. It certainly has the potential!

Here's hoping....


Manuela said...

I had to click on the link for the undertow since I didn't know what that was. Very informative site - all those coffee things can be confusing. I usually have to order my coffee with just 1 pump of syrup otherwise it's always too sweet for me!


CookinsForMe said...

Well, so I'm not alone in thinking some of those drinks are just too sweet! Thanks for stopping by, Manuela.