Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yard eggs comin' up!

My man person loves fresh eggs and would rather eat those than store bought eggs any day. That's why we raised chickens for awhile and that went over well until one of the dogs ate every chick and killed most of the hens and roosters. Bad dog, very bad dog!

Since then we've tried to find a local source of fresh eggs that weren't outrageously expensive and haven't had much luck...until today.

While at my chiropractor's office I saw an egg carton on the front desk and heard Doc and a patient talking about fresh eggs. I eavesdropped a little and figured out the patient had just sold Doc Dominecker eggs so I talked to the other patient and asked him if he would take those eggs next door to my man person so he could see them. The patient did and he's delivering two dozen fresh Dominecker eggs Friday for $1 a dozen. That's much cheaper than the store bought eggs and the man should be a happy man, indeed!

So, here's to fresh eggs, especially cheap fresh eggs!

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