Monday, September 22, 2008

This week's eats - thrifty is the name of the game

I didn't get this week's menu posted last night like I'd hoped but here it is. It's a thrifty week for us (like most weeks) and we're making the most of leftovers and what we have on hand. None of the meals will be exciting but they'll all be frugal, easy, fairly nutritious, and hearty. So, here's this week's menu:

We had Cheese Steak Roll Ups tonight and they were very good. Since we didn't use all the browned carne picada I'll use it in a couple more meals this week.

Tomorrow night we're having Beef, Barley and Vegetable Soup (made with some of the carne picada) with tossed salad and fresh dressing.

The rest of the week, in no particular order, we'll have:

Homemade chicken pot pie made with low carb tortillas and what's left of the baked and broiled chicken and vegetables (mostly vegetables now) from last week, served with a salad and green beans or spinach

The last of the carne picada with low carb gravy, wild rice, spinach, and steamed baby carrots

Cheese pancakes using some of those nice yard eggs we got last week

Either leftovers that need to be eaten or Chili Pie made with tortilla chips rather than corn chips

So there you have it, our menu for this week. I doubt that it will change much but it might.

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