Sunday, June 29, 2008

My sister's down and dirty, quick and tasty low carb dip recipes

My sister shared a couple of quick and easy dip recipes with me and I really like them both. They make for a nice change of pace. The first one is great for dipping vegetables in and the second is good to top hot dogs, with no bun of course!

For the first dip, all you need is mayo, a few chopped artichoke hearts, and seasonings. The quantities vary depending on preference but I use 3 artichokes for approximately 1/2 cup of mayo. Mix the artichoke and mayo, add chopped garlic or garlic powder or whatever you have on hand, some pepper (I prefer freshly ground), a little salt and onion powder, and whatever else suits your fancy. Connie puts jalapeno in hers but I use crushed red pepper. Mix it all well and let it chill in the refrigerator. By the way, this dip is excellent as a topping for a lavash bread, veggie and meat dish. I take it to work and eat it with carrot sticks and sliced mushrooms during break/lunch and it's so good.

The second dip is even easier. Just mix mustard and salsa to taste. Yep, that's it, mustard and salsa! I like mustard but am not crazy about it so I wasn't sure about this one but it was actually very good on turkey franks and gave them an interesting zing. You can use any kind of mustard you want but I use just plain ol' yellow mustard, not even a name brand mustard! Additions like garlic and onion could certainly be used, also. Play with this and make it your own.

I'm going to experiment with both of these dips to see what other interesting culinary delights I can create with them.


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