Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pantry meals

The business has been a little slow lately and since most weeks I work less than 30 hours, money is a little tight. Bills are paid and we have gas in the truck and plenty of food stored up so we're trying to eat from the pantry. We spent about $58 on groceries last week and I'd like to keep it under $15 this week with that $15 beingly mainly for bread and milk. We're pretty well stocked on everything else, I think, so eating from the pantry shouldn't be difficult.

The menu for the coming week is comprised of things we have on hand already. There's always the chance that my man person will decide he wants to go out at least once but we've found a pretty reasonable way to do that. There's a Chinese restaurant near us that charges $10.80 for two lunch take outs from their very large and good buffet. They don't mind if we really stuff our containers full so we can get 2 meals for each of us for $10.80 total. Not bad at all! If we do decide to go out, we'll more than likely do that. It's better than spending $20 or more for one meal and gives us a little diversion.

Hopefully business will pick up again soon but it's so nice to know that we have enough food to keep us fed for quite awhile.

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