Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cheese pancakes - a hit!

My other half had his normal eggs, toast, and meat breakfast but I usually don't eat until about 11 AM and even then I don't want breakfast food most of the time. This morning, though, I was hungry much earlier so I made Cheese Pancakes using a recipe from Hillbilly Housewife.

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I did change the recipe a bit. First, I made half of what was called for since I wasn't sure if I'd like the result. Second, I didn't have mustard (gasp!!) so I just left that out and added some garlic salt to it since I like garlic in almost everything. And third, I only used one egg. Next time I'll try two but one was adequate.

I wasn't sure what to expect but the result was very good. I ate my pancake (my other half scarfed one up) with a small chopped tomato, cucumber, and green onion salad drizzled with lime juice, cumin, and pepper. I'll probably have this for breakfast now and then and I imagine I'll try it as a side, too, with some other dishes. Nope, it doesn't taste like a regular pancake but it doesn't taste like cheese, either.

Since eating the cheese pancake earlier I've had thoughts of ways to change it rolling in my head. I think it would be very good with chopped green onions in it and maybe with small bits of turkey ham or turkey bacon. I can see this dish being easily adapted to use whatever I have on hand.

This may become one of my "not sure what dinner is going to be, oh let me throw this together" standbys...

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Kevin said...

Cheese pancakes sound good!