Monday, January 3, 2011

January 2 - January 8 Menu

I'm starting the new year off right by spending a lot of time in my kitchen. I woke up at 2 AM yesterday and couldn't get back to sleep so by 3 AM I was making a low(er) carb chicken pot pie.

It's delicious, by the way! By 4 AM I had an unnamed chicken and onion dish (which I now call Savory Chicken and Onions) baking in the oven and the scent of it cooking was incredibly enticing.

By 10 AM I was napping. Oh well, naps are good for us now and then, especially when we wake up long before the roosters. I worked in the evening so the sleep was most appreciated.

I haven't done any grocery shopping for awhile because I have plenty of food. So here's this week's menu, in no particular order except for last night's and tonight's fare which are listed first and second, respectively:

Homemade chicken pot pie with tossed salad and steamed spinach

Savory Chicken and Onions with green beans and steamed mukimame

Vegetable stir fry made with zucchini and yellow squash, broccoli, green beans, leeks, red onion, shallots, and any other vegetables that strike me as sounding good at the time

Braised beef tips with spinach salad and faux mashed potatoes

Low Carb Enchilada Chicken Paillard with mexican faux rice and garlic black beans (Note that I'm not following the HCG diet but I find low carb recipes in all sorts of places!)

Grilled chicken breast with cheese soup and a tossed salad

Beef and broccoli with a tossed salad and sesame seed faux rice

Several of the dishes I'll make this week are from recipes that are new to me and the Chicken Paillard is one I'm really excited about trying.

For more menu ideas make sure to look at Menu Plan Monday and join us so we can see what's on your plate for the coming week!

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